Unfortunely accidents do happen, and in the majority of cases they occour in the most incovenient time, and sadly we can’t foresee them, but what we can do is be prepared. We at Speed-Recovery will be  at your side all the way through this stressful experience.

In case of an accident where your car gets severely damaged making it impossible to use it, we at Speed-Recovery offer storage service to keep you damaged car until you can sort out with your insurrance company what will be done with the vehicle. Our main goal is to help you go through this stressful situation with the maximum comfort possible, so you won’t have to worry with finding a place to put you wrecked car.

We have secure storage compounds located in East London ready to receive your vehicle. Our premises are secured by a 24-hour CCTV security system as well as security guards, our rates are fair and affordable. Why wait? Call us now!

Benefits of our storage service

It may take a while until you are able to deal with all the papers involving your insurance company, and although at times the may provide you with a spare vehicle for you to go about your daily duties, you still have to deal with the damaged car.  We commit to safely revocer your vehicle at the accident or breakdown place and store it at our storage until you and you insurance company get to an agreement of what will be done of this vehicle. This will save you a whole lot of time.

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You are welcome to visit our storage at east London to see for yourself where and by who you car will be kept, we will be happy to clear any further doubt you may have in relation with our storage service.

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