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What can your nose reveal about car trouble?

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“It smells bad”. Who has never heard or said this expression in any situation where something seemed to be wrong? And no wonder. According to research done in a series of tests in the United States, the smell is the most accurate human sense, so much so that we can detect at least 3 trillion different smells – quite a lot, is not it?

With so much variety, it is clear that the nose can function as a true detector of specific situations, and with regards to problems with the car, this is no different. The most famous car smell, for sure, is the “new car smell”. But if you think it exists only because of the new upholstery, know that everything is thought of and is part of the sensory experience that manufacturers offer to consumers and that directly influences the buying decision of customers.

So much so that there are professionals, usually chemical engineers, trained only to identify and evaluate the scents of the vehicles leaving the automakers. But not all smells are a new car, and some of them should serve as an alert that something is not right. Want to know what smells indicate problems with the car? See below.

1. Burnt Rubber

Of course, the smell of burnt rubber is strong and noticing it tends to be easier than other odors that may indicate problems with the car. So if, when you are driving, a strong smell of burned rubber invades the interior of the vehicle, there are some assumptions.

One of the problems with the car may be slippery or poorly adjusted transmission belts. There is a chance, too, that the hoses are showing friction with the rotating parts, causing the strong smell when the engine is hot.

2. Burning Oil

This is a well-known odor since the smell of burning oil in the car is very similar to that of cooking oil when frying. For drivers who identify this strong odor, it is good to be aware: it is one of the signs that it is possible to leak oil on the exhaust.

To confirm, after parking the vehicle, check the floor if there are any marks that could indicate an oil leak. Another sign that there are problems with the car is the presence of smoke coming out directly from the hood, originating from the engine of the vehicle.

3. Strong smell of gasoline

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There are people who even like the smell of gas when they are refueling the car at a station. It is characteristic because part of the fuel evaporates, so during the filling of the tank, feel the smell of gasoline is considered normal.

Things change when the odor does not originate from the fuel supply and is identified by the driver while using the vehicle. The smell of gasoline can indicate problems with fuel leakage, which is extremely dangerous since there is a real risk of fire. So if you go through a similar situation, do not think twice about going to a workshop and checking what might be going on.

4. Cough Syrup

Who has never had cough syrup in childhood to try to get better from the flu, right? What you did not know at the time was that knowing the exact smell of the syrup could help you identify problems with the car in the future.

The smell of cough syrup felt inside the vehicle may indicate a leakage of liquid that cools the engine. Remember that in these cases, to open the radiator cap, it is essential that it is cooled.

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