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Automatic or manual?


Comfort or Control?

The automatic transmission is easily related to more comfort for the driver when driving. The fact of leaving the left foot free and not worrying about the gearshift is already a great help for those who take heavy traffic in the big cities every day.

The manual gearbox is preferred for those who do not dispense total control over the car, and can adjust the gears for each situation according to their preference. It is the ideal option for those who live in places without much congestion and for people who take pleasure in driving.

Maintenance costs

The automatic transmission will require more of your busget in case you need some repair, because of the technology and the complexity in comparison to the manual exchange. It ends up reflecting on the price of maintenance.

However, manuel gearbox, despite having a cheaper maintenance, tends to lose in the durability aspect. When calculating expenses between automatic or manual gearboxes, remember these details: Automatic gearboxes wrecks less frequently, but it is more expensive to fix. Manual requires repair more often, but is cheaper in maintenance.

It is also worth to say that the incorrect use of gears in the manual gearbox can result in increased fuel consumption, clutch burn, and engine damage.

Who consumes more fuel?

At the time of fueling there are also those who take into consideration the type of gearbox. The auto is reputed to consume more fuel by making the gear shift in high rotation, different from the manual. But the latest models (and the next ones that are yet to come) are already paying attention to this detail and bringing technology used to keep the rotation almost unchanged during the gearshift, resulting in an increasingly less significant difference between the two options.

As we have seen above, shifting gears in the wrong way on the manual gearbox can also result in more fuel consumption, so be aware if you opt for the manual car.

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