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Useful life

Did you know that the parts of your car have a useful life? It is important that you pay attention to these parts to avoid damages or risks of having your car broke down. Even your own life may be at risk


Check below the useful life of some parts of your car, plus some signs that are missing from a replacement.


When the oil is dirty or below the level, it impairs the lubrication of the engine. In this case, the engine don’t work properly. But those changes in the quality and properties of the oil may vary according to their characteristics. If the quality is not good, it may need an exchange before the expected time.

The best way to avoid trouble with it is by keeping an eye out at the gas station, when the attendant offers help.



What defines the starter life is the number of times your car is started. It does not matter if you have driven your car a lot, this part only suffers wear when turning on the engine.

But keep calm: professionals say that a starter motor has a duration of about 50 thousand starts.



The life of a battery is quite variable – and its end is almost always sudden. It makes your car stop at any time and in any place. The use of the quality of battery, may last between five to six years or 45 to 75 thousand miles.

And while it’s hard to predict when it will end, pay attention to signs of weakness, such as the difficulty in starting the engine or weak headlights.



Each component of the brake system has a useful life and it is best to be attentive to all, as your safety – and the safety of everyone who shares the roads with you – depends on the power of the brakes.

The Useful lifebrake pads are pieces that act with the disc when the brake pedal is stepped, being more wear by who drives in the city. It usually changed every 12,000 miles.

There are other additional parts in the system of brakes. It must be checked every 6,000 miles or if the driver notice something wrong.



Tires are also an important item. And it is difficult to define its useful life as it depends on the use of the car and terrain.

One recommendation is to do the rotation every 6,000 miles, as well as evaluation and balance. Pay attention to the step too. you can calibrate when adjusting the pressure of the other tires.


As you may note, there are many auto parts present in your car. A good tip is to always be attentive to the signs of your car. Another good tip is to purchase parts from a trusted supplier too, avoiding counterfeit items.

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