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What to Do When Your Car Overheats

Six quick tips in case your vehicle overheats to help protect your vehicle from permanent and expensive damages.

Regular Maintenance of Your Vehicle

It is important to take your vehicle to an auto shop regularly for maintenance. This will be a sure-fire way to prevent any issues with your vehicle, especially overheating concerns. Most individuals need routine maintenance about every 3,000 miles. However, it is wise to check your owner’s manual for a more accurate time frame.

Be Prepared with Coolant

When your vehicle overheats, it is likely due to low amounts of coolant or antifreeze. We recommend to carry a bottle of coolant in your vehicle just in case you get into a situation where you are running low. If you are not sure how to administer the coolant, you should contact your local auto shop for assistance.

Pay Attention to Your Temperature Gauge

Locate where your temperature gauge display is and make sure to check it regularly. When the gauge gets close to the red line or the letter “H” your car may be overheating.

Turn Off the Air Conditioner

If you notice that your car is near the red line or the letter “H” on the temperature gauge, turn off your air conditioner. The air condition actually uses a lot of energy that causes your vehicle to heat up even more. Oddly enough, it is recommended to turn on the heater instead because the heater will make the coolant or antifreeze colder, which in turn cools down the engine. However, this will cause you and the inside of your vehicle to suffer from excess heat.

Turn Off the Engine

If you are in doubt or if none of these tips work, turn off the engine immediately. If you allow your vehicle to overheat, it can result in permanent and expensive damage.

Contact a Reliable Auto Shop

Once these steps have been taken, you need to contact somebody to assist you with towing, prevention, maintenance and/or repairs. However, finding reliable service can be difficult.

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